Centralized Admissions Process

Our centralized admissions process facilitates real time view of the application status via dashboard. It enables you to check teams’ productivity, quality & errors and generate different type of reports as per your analysis requirement. From booking an application until the offer is issued, you have everything at your fingertips to manage the process.

Auto Assessment System

Auto assessment system is designed in such a way that once you key in the basic details of the applicant, our system will apply inbuilt checks to assess the profile and display its decision or offer conditions that needs to be fulfilled by the applicant in order to get an unconditional offer letter.

Course Finder Dashboard

Course Finder Dashboards (CFD) accumulates pathways, courses and institutes data to provide a holistic view of all the available courses, progression, pathway and if the course is capped or not.

All these customization solutions also integrate with other tools your institution uses, allowing for seamless transitions between different software platforms.

Center Approval System

This tool is designed to make life easier for students, institutions and Head of centers. Our Center Approval System (CAS) supports Head of centers to take a quick look at overall profile of the applicant in order to make a quick decision to approve or reject exceptional cases.

Auto Email Generator

This tool is developed to automatically generate email templates that needs to be sent to our clients, agents and internal faculty for various purposes. This powerful tool brings in consistency, efficiency and accuracy without compromising on quality. So, a coordinator just needs to select the scenario and based on that our auto email generator will give them an email template to be used for that particular scenario.

Allow RTC to work for you

Experienced staff from varied professional backgrounds to accurately assess the relevance/genuineness of the applicants.

Globally connected team

Ensuring full ownership across the spectrum of compliance, policy, quality, assessment, sales and leadership.