Academic Assessment

Academic assessment involves examination of applicant’s work or performance in their studies (previous or current), such as their grades, additional courses, extra-curricular activities, assignments, projects or study gaps.
We do academic assessment to identify individual applicant’s weaknesses, strengths & academic performance to make sure that they meet the chosen course’s specific requirements and if not then an alternative course can be offered to them. We also determine whether they are ready to begin a course, grade level, or academic program.
Academic assessment is useful in understanding how applicant believes that they have benefited from their educational experience and how they have applied it.

GTE Assessment

GTE requirement is an integrity measure to ensure that the student Visa Program is used as intended and not used by international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia.

We do GTE assessment based on the risk level of the markets to ensure that an applicant is coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. Our GTE assessment involves rigorous checks which includes academic & financial assessment, employment history verification, VISA history, personal details review, SOP and study gaps review.

Applicant Eligibility Check

Applicant’s eligibility is based on wide range of selection criteria that may be used for different courses, universities & providers as well as for different types of prospective students (school leavers versus mature age, for example).
The most common methods we use to select students for higher education courses include:
Cut-off scores
Prerequisite studies
Academic history
Supplementary information forms
Other methods such as tests, portfolios, auditions and interviews.

Financial Assessment

Financial assessment involves evaluating the financial condition of the applicant and their family by checking the genuineness of the access to funds and proofs provided (FDs, saving account statement, National Saving Certificate, etc).

We check available funds, valuation report, ID proofs, relationships and affidavit of support from all the sponsors in order to make sure that the applicant has access to enough funds to support their overseas study and living cost.

VISA Eligibility

We have a dedicated team which checks the applicants’ previous travelling history, VISA granted or rejected, Passport and other related documents to make sure that the applicant meets all the criteria for their new student VISA.

We have also developed our own VISA approval rating tool that allow us to check the applicants chances of getting the student VISA based on their overall profile.

Overall Profile Evaluation

Once we have received all the documents & information from the applicant, our admission experts evaluate and analyze the applicant’s profile based on a number of factors like academic & financial assessment, age, study gaps, English scores, work experience and travelling history.

Our admission experts are trained in understanding how educational systems of different countries function. They understand the strengths, weaknesses, and reputations of the education boards and the quality of students from those education boards. Hence a true assessment of overall profile of the applicant is done by us, resulting in high VISA approval rate.

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